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PLU feminists slosh buckets in Red Square

By Alex Domine, ’12

Junior Audrey Lewis of the Feminist Student Union carries a bucket of water around Red Square to experience the difficulty women go through in order to fetch water in other countries. The Feminist Student Union opened this opportunity up to anyone willing to sign a pledge that raises awareness for sustainability and women's rights.

If you walked across Pacific Lutheran University’s windy Red Square around noon, you would see a sheet of paper reading “I stand for women’s rights and the environment” flying through the air. The flyer belonged to the Feminist Student Union, a student group hosting a pre-symposium rallying in Red Squareto raise awareness for how far women have to walk to fetch water in some countries.

It didn’t start out as much of a rally. There were five students gathered around a table surrounded with butcher paper signs and merchandise on front of the steps of Eastvold Auditorium. It was a beautiful day, but the breeze made the five feminists struggle to keep their stand together–the flyers and butcher paper stubbornly tried to fly away with the chilly wind. The rally didn’t really pick up until some unsuspecting students passing Red Square were verbally ambushed by the FSU.

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